Monday, August 17, 2015

badger pride 35 $

Black and red bracelets to show your Wisconsin badgers pride
35 us dollars
comment sold bellow to place an order which style and size you would prefer

FireLine and Preciosa beads!

Greetings Friends! I have been asked to post a blog about the thread I use when I bead. I really only have one answer to that. FIRELINE! by Berkley! Why because its simply the best. I haven't had a piece break due to string.
Fireline comes in
6 lb
8 lb
and 10 lb
and Crystal and Smoke are your most common beading colors.
I use 6lb thread if I am going to be doing a lot of passes through seed beads because it is slightly thinner. where as I will use an 8 lb thread if I can get away with 2 or 3 passes because it provides me a stronger hold with less effort.
Beaders commonly complain about smoke because some of the color comes off on their hands. My tip for this and it really does work is to wipe it down with a dryer sheet first before threading it.
Also 8 lb and 10 lb can be difficult to thread and sometimes even a 6 lb can be difficult so what I found is that using a pair of flat nose pliers and pinching one end then threading my needle works out to be much easier. I hope this answers any questions you may have.
also if you have a subject you want me to talk about please feel free to comment about it bellow and i'll do a blog post especially for you!

Fire line in crystal and smoke
Here is my latest order of Preciosa Firepolish beads from
size 4 mm fie polish beads
Size 6 mm Fire polish beads

Lately I have become obsessed with Firepolish beads. I order only the best beading material for you guys. When I bead. I find they make great Flat Spirals..
Also If I can help you with your candle needs let me know I sell partylite!


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

2 more for sale!

I have two more bracelets for sale at 35 each. One is black and red the other black and white .

I can size them to fit any wrist.
To order comment sold bellow or contact me at or on face book.

Hurry and get your order in for the holidays .

Finished projects

A lot has been going on over in my world. So I decided to keep a blog of the things I make to keep face book photos down a bit. As well as my posts down. So if you see something you like just comment bellow or message me and I'll get back to you..
The first piece I got done this week is a bronze Flat Spiral bracelet I sell these for 35 us dollars each. reason being is beads can cost a lot and of course there is my time I put into each piece I hand bead. You'll see a lot of this style as it seems to be my quick go to project when I am feeling out of sorts.
These charm key chains have been selling as fast as I can make them. This one is Hope for a Cure chain. this is 15.00 us dollars. Makes great Christmas gifts to any you know with breast cancer or who is a survivor. 

This  "Air Force Mom" Keychain is also a special order. I can make these as well for 15.00 us dollars as well as any Military branch It can say "wife", "Brat", " Mom" are the popular ones.

Before I posted that I entered a beading contest in July and won first place!
Here is a picture of all the wonderful beads I got .

Here is my order from fire mountain Gems. Com I am just in beading heaven at the moment
as you all can tell..
As allways if you need something from party lite be sure to check the link on the top for all your candle needs.